Fostering Creativity

Creative education is fostered by :

  • Student-centered classroom
  • Exposure to various learning strategies
  • Active participation
  • Self – management

One must not only grasp just the information but learn to cultivate comprehension, analysis and evaluate skills of their own. Higher over-thinking improves independent learning, thinking and creativity. CramBuddy is here to foster a creative mindset for it’s students by providing an “Active Recall Learning” system. It is a mobile based gaming, quizzing and social networking app. A new spark in your educational experience, interaction with buddies, challenging them and winning scores and rewards all the way.

If a student wants to have a quick glance at his notes, CramBuddy does the job just right. Without the composition to constantly create something new, cultural evolution would cease to exist. Students have a number of responsibilities in the classroom –  take notes in class and be creative also. Teachers need to help students separate work from consumption. m-Learning has bought education options in varying ranges of affordability to a much wider audience. Fostering Creativity 

Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

m-Learning allow learners to take control of their own learning – thereby enabling all teachers to enact a learn-by-doing, inquiry-directed the method and practice of teaching in their classrooms.

Active Recall Learning

An interesting question to ask is ‘What is the best way to actually study?

You have your information, you receive the notes or you write down the points in class. Now how do you study it when you have an exam coming up?

One big mistake students make is reviewing passively the same information again and again or see if they can regurgitate it from their memory. This is actually a terrible way to review or revise information for a test. If you find yourself highlighting notes or reading your textbook over and over again quietly to yourself, then your doing something wrong. Your studying inefficiently.

Students with high grades, they approach the task of studying in a completely different way. When they study a material, they learn it in a way they are like professionals themselves. The way they learn it is the way they lecture it.

If you can teach a concept to someone teach it out loud then it shows that you have really understood the concept. That’s an important way to cement information into your mind.

Avoid passive reviews and always turn towards active recall learning.


What we always have with us now is a smartphone. As a training guide that gives them an opportunity to help students learn better. What they wanted right from the beginning since they became trainers was to answer questions when students asked one.

Now they have the opportunity to design things, that can answer any question when they need it. It acts like a performance support that helps them when they actually need it. Now if students have to learn anything they visit Google and type in their question. Students look out for simple text based answer, straight-forward points to help remember them easily. That’s where we come in.

CramBuddy‘ looks at what a student wants, how they want it and what more can we do to contribute to make their education days much more simpler.

We help to change the trend of breaking out of developing everything that is an e-learning course and get into job aid suffices. So this in a way is helping the trainers too. This is one way to get rid of paper material, we spend so much on printing and textbooks seem too heavy to carry around these days. But with technology booming everywhere it has become cheaper than paper. It opens a whole new world of education using the smartphone thus introducing m-learning.

CramBuddy is all about giving you ready, easy, point-based notes in a flashcard based system. Great way of studying, revising and to keep it interesting we’ve added in a bit of fun element too. You can quiz yourself and also challenge your friends. Add your friends and make groups to do your combined studies.

Mobile Learning and Trends

Mobile learning is an evolution of e-learning. It seems like it is ‘the next step’. The interesting thing about m-learning is that it’s a whole new world – filled with opportunities.

e-learning is targeted at one domain whereas m-leaning is ubiquitous. It is all about the performance support than it is about the courses. The most interesting part of m-learning is the challenge – how with just a small screen size all the information can be supplied.

A number of mobile devices are supporting the m-learning trends, thus opening up m-learning to a much wider audience. You don’t walk around with a laptop everyday but you carry your mobile and that brings up a whole lot of opportunities for learning on a mobile device.

Digital Age For Students

The last vestiges of traditional learning are fast leaving the classroom as teachers and students go ‘digital’.

No longer are students limited to old encyclopedias. Thanks to the internet, the sky is the limit. Laptops, tablets and smartphones are becoming the de riguere for students right from primary up to higher levels of education. Even institutions have changed their methods of teaching their students and have found it much more effective and efficient. Students seem to be more interested studying via the digital format rather than the traditional method. Even school curriculum are evolving and adapting with the use of data becoming even more important in classrooms today.

This means that the level of personalized and adaptive learning can be unique for each student, as the focus of each individual is still a key indicator for progress.

Classrooms of the future

10 Reasons Why You Need To Download CramBuddy, Now!

  1. Because they have the habit of asking stuff which you forget

9 reasons to download CB3_html_m4daa265b

  1. No matter how hard you study from the book, you always

forget just the thing which is asked in the exam!


  1. Because you never get the right notes for revision, without which everything studied goes into the drain


  1. Because for you, only one formula applies: books + study=sleep


  1. Because smartness for you is studying less and remembering more


  1. Because nothing gives you as much confidence as beating your friends in a quiz


  1. Because exams or no exams, cricket matches with your friends and your favourite TV series ain’t gonna wait, and you got to finish studying early


  1. Because now you can carry all your notes easily in your pocket and study anywhere, anytime!


  1. You feel special when you get recognition for your notes !


  1. You want to know what your friend is upto !!



e-Learning Statistics for 2014

e-Learning is proving to be much more efficient now and in the near future. It’s vast influence helps the productivity of companies and saves time in the education sector.

Companies now feel that they can get more through e-Learning without having to spend much on the training.

Colleges are now using the e-Learning method by which they save time and induces a more productive method of teaching.

e-learning statistics for 2014